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On your deck, think again if you had thoughts of bringing home your hot tub and dropping it

What else is needed to install a hot spa?

Once you’ve your flat and supported surface identified, you will need to run electric to your bathtub. This could price anywhere from $750 – $1500 to incorporate the electrical panel and run the line to your primary panel that is electrical. That is a cost that is seldom-mentioned purchasing/installing a hot spa and that can be a significant shock if you’re unaware.

When the electric and foundation are complete, you will likely have the hot spa business you purchased the tub from come and set it up for your needs as this price is usually contained in your purchase.

After the hot spa is set up, you need to fill it and balance as well as heat water. This is a little bit of an upfront expense but to fill the bath tub in one single sitting you are considering approximately $10 – $15 in water, electricity and chemical substances.

Our Tub Installation that is hot…

We did most of the grunt work ourselves when we installed my in-laws’ hot tub. We tore down a vintage reduced deck and replaced it having an interlock that is nice for a limestone base. It took several days for the whole task but conserved a large amount of the upfront expense to set up the bath tub.

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