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Fairly self explanatory, the slavegirl will follow a splits position either into the side or front.

Slavegirl’s mind is raised since high as feasible and this woman is looking down her nose just as if to sneer after all she views. Forcing a stuck up slavegirl to look at this place during punishment is definitely a exemplary concept many will swiftly make an effort to reduce their head in distribution and can really find it quite difficult to maintain the arrogant mind place since the punishment session continues. Mind is up, erect, searching ahead. This is certainly a fairly relaxed stance, but weighed against mind basic, below, the impression developed is one of pride or haughtiness. A catch all term for mind in a basic place. The result regarding the eyes might be to turn an otherwise neutral position into proud or eyes lowered, and so the term just isn’t an exact one.


Mind lowered, yet not dropped up to a maximal degree. The impression created should really be of a woman that is proud, perhaps perhaps not of abject surrender. Eyes are often anticipating in the place of down, as opposed to eyes lowered below. A descriptor that will be often utilized to change another relative mind place: a slavegirl can be purchased to face mind proud, sextpanther karrin eyes lowered, for instance. If utilized on a unique, it generally means mind modest and eyes lowered. Mind only the career enables, preferably with forehead pushed into the flooring. A variation is Kiss The flooring which will be self explanatory. Either the position that is purely military right back, shoulders right straight back, or even the variant shown right right here in which the slavegirl is on tiptoes.

Modelling Comfortable

Relaxed means the classic armed forces position. Modelling at ease is an even more feminine place, frequently used by glamour models. One leg is directly, with all the most of the extra weight about it. One other leg is tucked over and slightly around.

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