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young lesbian, gay and women that are bi their experiences of homophobia today

After current violent assaults on LGBTQ women and enby people, we examine the intersection that is unique of and misogyny and inquire what you can do.


“I kissed my gf, then we seemed up and realised we had been being filmed by a person in the forties on their phone, ” describes Emma. She ended up being 17 and also at Birmingham Pride during 2009, her first ever Pride occasion. “He wouldn’t normally keep us alone therefore we couldn’t find any protection workers. We haven’t gone back once again to Pride since; i did son’t feel safe. ” Another woman that is bisexual that is now 26, claims she hasn’t gone back to London Pride since 2017. “I happened to be obviously with an other woman, ” she says, “when a man came up behind me personally and squeezed their erection into me personally. ”

It’s damning that intimately attack could simply take spot at Pride, an event that is jubilant to commemorate how long the LGBTQ community has arrived. But based on these females, and others, homophobia requires a especially toxic type whenever it combines with misogyny. And therefore happens a whole lot.

» This misogynistic homophobia is rooted within an mindset of males experiencing they’ve an entitlement to possess ladies perform for them intimately also to submit with their needs. «

Reports week that is last of exactly how Melania Geymonat and her gf Chris had been assaulted for a coach by a small grouping of men when they will never kiss on need. The couple’s bags and phones had been taken and an image of them splattered with blood went viral. Five men that are young 15-19 have now been arrested. Melania has stated the assault on her behalf and Chris had been “chauvinist, misogynistic and violence” that is homophobic.

Lesbian, bi and women that are queer recognise this kind of physical physical violence. Along with outright disgust of homophobia, they face the entitled lustfulness of misogyny.

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