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BD Guidance, Inc

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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – Dad Recommendations

A listing of most of the dad guidelines. No guide except wait around for just them.

A number of all Dad Guidelines

  • no. 1 – do not forget to floss each day.
  • #2 – It is never ever too soon to buy a individual IRA.
  • number 3 – start credit that is building quickly as you possibly can.
  • number 4 – remain true yourself – do not let anyone disrespect you.
  • number 5 – everyone else needs to learn how to make use of energy tools.
  • # 6 – do not trust whoever likes their meat done well.
  • #7 – LaserDisc is actually the superior movie format.
  • #8 – Take in a glass that is full of each day to greatly help get up.
  • # 9 – avoid using steel utensils on nonstick pans that are frying.
  • #10 – if you should be parking uphill, make sure to turn your tires to the road.

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