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Why am I jealous of my hubby’s time along with his adult daughter?

I’ve recently got hitched when it comes to time that is second. The two of us have actually kiddies, but my better half’s are developed. Aside from their 18yr daughter that is old he’s nevertheless extremely close with.

We battle to accept their close relationship as sometimes this has infringed on our relationship causing friction between us. Due to this they see each other behind my back, venture out for the drink that is occasional dinner together.

Personally I think extremely jealous relating to this and I also can not assist but feel it’s all incorrect, like they are having some type or types of event. It is known by me seems irrational, but i’m so jealous. Also though he understands the way I feel, he nevertheless sees her like this. Am I wrong to feel just like this and exactly how may I be prepared for their relationship?

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Fancy yourself being an agony aunt? Include your response to this concern!

I do believe what several of you neglect to realize YOU who is walking into someone else’s life, and family, not the other way around that it is. Then you are just jealous if you can’t understand the bond between a daughter and father. They have to match their relationship to your idea of what you think it should be if you didn’t have the same kind of realtionship with your OWN father, that is irrelevant, because in no way do. In reality, their relationship is none of the company, just like you are feeling that your relationships with guys are none for the child’s company.

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